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Go Green, Go EcoMatrix

EcoMatrix systems is a new idea. Green Technology has a problem. It is hidden in the factories. It is shielded behind professional installers. It is inaccessible to the common person. Not so here at ECOMatrix! We want to keep things simple with EcoMatrix. All of our products represent a choice for Renewable, Reusable and Recycleable, Low Carbon lifestyle.

Here are some of our most Popular products: read more about us

How can I go Carbon Netative?

Make a choice for Renewable Power

EcoMatrix offers compact Solar based personal chargers that allow everyone to experience renewable power. Our On and Off Grid solar systems allow the average user to have solar and Wind power in their home...
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Make a choice for a Renewable Resource

Choosing our Renewable, Carbon-Negative, Bamboo products allow you to show everyone you have made a long term decision to preserve our future. Promoting natural carbon-absorbing bamboo can be your answer to Global Warming and Air pollution...
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